3-axle all-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 on arched tires, 1960-1962 release. The appearance of the car was taken from the ZIL-131 truck that was then in service with the Soviet army, with only one difference, the wheels were large arched tires with low pressure and automatic pumping. They provided the truck with unprecedented cross-country ability through swampy terrain and complete impassability. It was planned, after successful tests, to put the equipment into service with the army, but the plans were not destined to come true.

The petrol engine was 180 hp. Such a motor could accelerate the truck to 70 km / h. Gasoline consumption was approximately 60 liters per 100 kilometers. The mass of the truck is 6.5 tons, and the load capacity is 4.5 tons. The cross-country capabilities of the car are such that it easily passed a ford 1.5 meters deep, a snow height of one meter and a ditch 2 meters deep.

They remembered the ZIL-132 family only in the mid-1960s, when SKB received an order for a batch of floating search and evacuation PES installations for searching and delivering spacecraft. Then the military amphibian ZIL-132P was built. It had a torsion bar suspension of the outer wheels, a displacement body on a welded frame, a fiberglass cabin and an aluminum alloy side body. Automatic transmission and 24 inch tires.

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