Volvo L350H

The Volvo L350H front loader builds on the success of its predecessor, the L350F, which was first introduced to the market in 2007. With a range of the latest technologies, the L350H is suitable for a wide range of applications, from mining and quarrying to large infrastructure projects. Built to perform, the L350H wheel loader is powered by a powerful Volvo engine and next-generation hydraulic system. Intelligent fleet monitoring system and operator training courses reduce cycle times and fuel consumption.

Specifications for Volvo L350H:

Static tipping load at full turn – 34780 kg
Bucket capacity – 6.2-12.7 m3
Operating weight – 50-56 tons
Breakout force – 472.8 kN
Engine – Volvo D16E
Max. power at 1800 rpm – gross – 397 kW (net – 394 kW)
Max. torque at 1400 rpm – full 2550 Nm (2532 Nm useful)
Tires – 35/65 R33, 875/65 R33

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