Volvo EC250D

The Volvo EC250DL excavator features increased digging power. With faster cycle times and increased productivity, this machine will help you get the job done faster. Whether you’re working in a quarry, building roads, preparing job sites or operating in any other field, this powerful machine will show you the highest performance.

Improved design of critical sections of the boom and stick. The new electro-hydraulic system and main spool valve are electronically controlled, allowing precise adjustment of the hydraulic oil flow according to operating conditions, as well as reducing internal losses in the hydraulic system. As a result, controllability is improved, cycle times are reduced and fuel consumption is reduced.

The Volvo EC250DL excavator is an economical and productive machine. Thanks to proven and advanced technology, the Volvo EC250D excavator will give you 7-10 percent fuel savings thanks to the advanced Volvo D7 engine, automatic engine shutdown after 5 minutes of idle time, and Volvo’s unique Integrated Torque System, which features a G4 mode designed to optimize fuel consumption and machine performance.

Specifications Volvo EC250D:

Total weight, kg 24600-28020
Engine Model D8H
Engine type diesel
Number and arrangement of cylinders 6
Engine capacity, cm3 7800
Engine power, kW (hp) 152(207)
Estimated speed, rpm 1800
Maximum torque, Nm (kgcm) 1012 Nm at 1350 rpm
Bore and stroke 110×136
Engine manufacturer (brand) Volvo
Maximum speed, km/h 5.5
Ground clearance, mm 470
Wheel (caterpillar) base, mm 3850
Track width, mm 600/700/800/900
Refueling tanks
Fuel tank, l 470
Cooling system, l 41
Hydraulic system, l. 400
Hydraulic tank, l. 195
Digging depth, mm 6040-14348
Unloading height, mm 6700-12738
Front / rear wheel track, mm 2390-2590
The greatest overcome rise, hail. 35
Turning radius of the back of the platform, mm 3070-3150
Platform turning speed, rpm 11.9
Digging height, mm 9620-14887
Maximum digging radius, mm 9880-18306
Maximum reach (by ground level), mm 9690-18207

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