Volvo C304

The C304 does have 5 door closed body or a chassis cab with a special body, alternative type designations are Tgb 13 and C03 6×6-1-V. The chassis cab version of the C304 is in use with different bodies, these include ambulance and communication vehicles. Due to the fact, the Engine is mounted behind the front axle, the rear seats in the C303 (4×4) and C304 (6×6) are mounted further backwards than in a normal SUV. This is the reason there is a panel in between the front and rear doors. Two rear facing rear seats can mounted at each side of the engine. Combined with the 3-seat bench at the back, it gives a 7 seats in the C303 and C304 hardtop.

Volvo C304

Specs Volvo C304:

engine: Volvo B30A, 3L 6-cylinder petrol 86 kW at 4000 rpm / 206 Nm at 2500 rpm
gearbox: 5 speed manual + 2 speed transfer case
fuel tank: 85 litres
drum brakes on all wheels
tyres: 8.90”×16” or 9.00”×16”
top speed: a little over 80 km/h
GVM: 4700 kg
curb weight: 2,820 kg
length: 5350 mm
wheelbase: 2300 mm
with: 1930 mm
height: 2170 mm

Volvo C304 Volvo C304 Volvo C304 Volvo C304 Volvo C304

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