K-700 “Kirovets”

The K-700 is a Soviet general purpose wheeled tractor of high cross-country ability, traction class 5. The tractor is designed for agricultural, transportation, road-building, land reclamation, earthmoving and other works in combination with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed wide-grip machines. Chief…

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The T-74 is a Soviet caterpillar tractor with a traction class of 3 tons, produced by the Kharkov Tractor Plant. It was created by modernization of DT-54 and T-75 tractors. The tractor is designed for agricultural and transportation work in…

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Claas Xerion 5000 tractor

This high horsepower (435-530 hp) 4WD tractor features a fixed frame, 31 mph road speed, and continuously variable CMATIC transmission to reduce the time, risk, and cost of a job, so you can grow your business. Unlike articulated designs, this…

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