Oshkosh M1070

The M1070 or Oshkosh HET is an American tank transporter manufactured by Oshkosh. In current operation, it is coupled with the M1000 DRS Technologies semitrailer in A0, A1 and M1300 configurations. The main purpose of this combination for the US…

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Oshkosh PLS

Oshkosh PLS (Palletized Load System) and LVSR (Marine Corps Logistic Vehicle System Replacement) are U.S. Army and USMC standardized cargo transportation systems (all standardized NATO classes) based on 5-axle modification of the 10×10 HEMTT truck with a multilift loading and…

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Oshkosh M911

Oshkosh M911 8×6 is a quarry dump truck with payload capacity of 40 tons. It is designed for transportation of minerals in quarry conditions, transportation of bulk cargoes, as well as various bulk construction, industrial cargoes in places with undeveloped…

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