The vehicle stands on four equal-sized wheels with low-pressure tires. The rear wheels are steered in a similar way to a forklift truck. The bulldozer blade was designed in the early models in a characteristic V-shape, gradually replaced by a flat design. Later, it was decided to install additional equipment on the rear of the vehicle, such as pulling devices, rippers to loosen the ground, or large trenching machines. Depending on the version, the machine was operated by… more

MAZ 7904

In the Soviet Union, Belarus was responsible for the development of heavy multi-axle military equipment. The unusual projects of Minsk designers include the gigantic 140-ton 12-wheel chassis MAZ-7904. Created as part of the work on the Tselina project. The carrier for a promising missile system was built in Minsk in a single copy. The Tselina project was a response to the emergence of new American intercontinental ballistic missiles and the result of another round of… more


Truck tractor manufactured in 1958 – 1964 with a permissible load on the coupling device of 25 tons. It served as part of road trains with a gross weight of up to 90 tons. It towed low-frame 65-ton semi-trailers for the delivery of tracked vehicles, oversized cargo, heavy weapons and missile systems. Its design has been carried out since 1956 and was carried out in parallel with the development of the “small” ballast tractors MAZ-535… more