T-150K is a Soviet agricultural power-saturated general-purpose wheeled tractor manufactured by the Kharkov Tractor Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. T-150K is a modernization of the T-125 tractor, the design of which is completely original and has no predecessors. In 1979, the T-150K tractor was successfully tested at the international testing ground of the University of Nebraska, USA. The T-150K tractor has been produced for more than forty years, it has undergone several upgrades.


  • T-150KD – with bulldozer equipment,
  • T-156 – loader,
  • T-157 – timber tractor,
  • T-158 – industrial tractor
  • T-155 is a light wheeled tractor.

On the T-150K tractor, the engine is located in front. A clutch, a gearbox and a transfer case are attached to it, two output shafts are connected by cardan gears with bevel final drives installed in the rear and front axles. (Gimbal transmission to the rear axle contains an intermediate support). The main gear differentials are connected to the planetary final drives, on which the wheels with brakes are installed. The drive from the engine to the independent rear gearbox of the power take-off shaft is provided by a shaft passing inside the tubular shafts of the clutch, gearbox and transfer case, and then by a cardan drive with an intermediate support. Intermediate supports ensure the alignment of the symmetry axes of the double cardan yokes with the axis of the vertical hinge, which makes it possible to minimize the angles of the cardan gears when turning the tractor. The rotation of the tractor is carried out by two hydraulic cylinders, which rotate the semi-frames relative to the vertical hinge.

Especially for the T-150K tractor, the SMD-60 diesel engine was developed. Engine six-cylinder V-shaped, liquid-cooled turbocharged. Operating power – 165 liters. from. After the cessation of production of the SMD-60 engine, a naturally aspirated six-cylinder V-shaped, liquid-cooled YaMZ-236D3 engine with an operating power of 170 hp is installed on the tractor. from. Electric start start.

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