Scania G440

The all-wheel drive dump truck is optimally suited for transporting various kinds of goods on city roads and in a quarry. Universal model, which is used in various industries. All-wheel drive and four drive axles with locking center differentials allow you to drive on a 30-degree slope and make sharp turns. The dump truck is equipped with a 600-liter tank, and if necessary, the tractor is equipped with another 500-liter tank.

The premium G and R cabs are even more comfortable with new design and new interior features. A wide range of engines, Euro 4 and 5 standard, in the power range from 400 hp. up to 730 hp, makes driving exceptionally safe, comfortable and enjoyable, and highly efficient to own.


Wheel formula — 8×8
Gross weight — 50 tons
Load capacity – 32 tons in off-road conditions
Interservice mileage — 20,000 km
The resource of factory tires is at least 150,000 km
Fuel consumption – 28 liters per 100 km
Engine model – DC13 102
Power – 440 hp (324 kW) at 1900 rpm
Environmental standard – Euro-4 (SCR) / Euro-5 (SCR)
Max. torque – 2400 Nm at 1000-1300 rpm

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