Sany SR405R-HK

Expert in construction of large diameter. and 100m deep borehole without torque limit; main winch with large lifting force to ensure stable operation. The heaviest model of the same level ensures large crowding force; equipped with heavy duty, impact resistance reducer to realize stable torque output; excellent drilling ability in hard rock layers more than 60MPa. The structural parts adopt impact, fatigue resistance technology in rock drilling, single layer wire rope winding for interlocking Kelly bar; free of mutual extrusion and wear in wire rope layers to increase service life by 35%. The external driving key of rotary drive facilitates maintenance and replacement; the main winch wire rope end is fixed by wedge easy to disassemble and assemble. The special lubrication point connected with outlet hose to facilitate butter injection.

Sany SR405R-HK

Description Sany SR405R-HK:

Rated output torque kN·m 405
Rotation Speed rpm 5~25
Crowd force kN 340
Line pull kN 380
Stroke mm 6000
Lifting capacity kN 400
Wire rope diameter mm 36
Max. line speed m/min 75
Lifting capacity kN 105
Wire rope diameter mm 20
Max. line speed m/min 70
Forward/backward ° 4/90
Lateral ° ±3
Base engine / ISUZU 6WG1
Engine power kW/rpm 377/1800
Emission regulation / COMⅢ
Engine displacement L 15.68

Sany SR405R-HK Sany SR405R-HK Sany SR405R-HK

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