New Holland CH7.70

New Holland CH7.70

By bringing its outstanding Twin Rotor® separation technology together with its proven large diameter threshing drum, New Holland now offers users the best of both worlds in a machine designed to deliver up to 25% higher throughput than a conventional combine in this segment. The two-drum threshing system features a 600mm diameter drum for gentle threshing that delivers very high grain and straw quality.  The real benefit comes in combining this with a specially designed new version of New Holland’s Twin Rotor® separation technology. The 21-inch, 3.45-metre-long Twin Rotor system provides the largest separation area in the segment, at 2.9m2. Pioneering the Crossover Harvesting brand, the new CH7.70 sits between New Holland’s mid-range conventional, and flagship rotary models, with a machine that is equally at home in all crops and conditions, delivering consistent, high performance in all conditions for arable farmers and contractors alike.

New Holland CH7.70

The CH7.70 features the proven Cursor 9 engine that develops 374hp – 34hp more than the CX6.90 – for powerful and fuel-efficient performance in all conditions. Patented HI-eSCR 2 technology enables it to comply with Stage V emissions standards too. With only four greasing points, daily maintenance is quick and simple and the large service door on top of the straw hood door provides easy access. Only minimal changes in threshing setting are needed when switching between different crops, which can be carried out in less than 20 minutes. The CH7.70 can be equipped with a range of Varifeed™ headers of up to 9.15 metres, including a brand-new 8.53-metre Varifeed version specifically developed for this range. The front face of the feeder housing can be mechanically adjusted to ensure perfect alignment with the header, thereby optimizing the angle for each different header to deliver smoother, layered crop flow, ensuring the best flow whatever the crop.

Specifications New Holland CH7.70:

Engine 333hp (374hp max) 8.7-litre Iveco Cursor six-cyl turbo
Threshing 1.56m-wide x 607mm-diameter drum and two-section concave
Separation Two 3.45m-long x 542mm-diameter rotors
Cleaning Three-step cascade-type sieves, 5.21sq m total area with 25deg sieve levelling
Grain tank 9,300-litres
Unloading speed 100 litres/sec
Standard tyres 800/65 R32s
Weight 13.4t (14.7t for Laterale hill-sider version)
Fuel tank 620 litres
Recommended header 8.5m (28ft) Varifeed
List price £278,000 (£314,000 for Laterale hill-sider version)

New Holland CH7.70 New Holland CH7.70 New Holland CH7.70 New Holland CH7.70

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