Development of the lightweight 150-ton eight-axle super chassis MAZ-7906 (16×16) began in 1983. The first model 7906 was assembled at the end of June 1984 and entered the acceptance tests, by the end of the year it was followed by a second vehicle.

MAZ 7906

From the outside, the new chassis looked like a lengthened by one bogie version of the first model 7904, but in fact was less powerful and payload, shorter and generally more modest machine with “normal” diameter wheels and four front steering axles. On the front overhang of the frame stood two separate extended 2-seat single-door cabins, and the engine compartment behind them housed the former 1500-horsepower M-351 marine diesel engine.

Specifications MAZ 7906:

  • Number of seats 4
  • Length, mm 26293
  • Width, mm 4850
  • Height, mm 3760
  • Wheel arrangement 16×16
  • Engine hp. 1500
  • Curb weight, t 68,3
  • Gross weight, t 220
  • Payload, tons 150
  • Speed, km/h 30

All wheels were equipped with wide-profile tubeless tires of size 1980×750-737 with constant internal pressure (4 kgf/cm2). Otherwise, the overall design of the truck corresponded to MAZ-7904: two hydromechanical 4-speed transmissions with inherent gearboxes with additional power take-offs for auxiliary equipment, individual hydro-pneumatic suspension with pair balance links on the sides and power steering. In total, this model had 45 driveshafts of all types of drive.

MAZ 7906

The development of the 7906 chassis was carried out simultaneously with the creation of the second alternative, the most original 150-ton self-propelled off-road vehicle MAZ-7907, and both vehicles were jointly tested to clarify mutual advantages and disadvantages. Since March 1986, the 7906 chassis with a mock-up UAS was on comparative tests in the Kalinin region, where a similar system based on the 7907 was later delivered. The tests continued until September 1987, when the MAZ-7906-based SPU had already traveled a distance of 3,780 km, but no chassis was approved.

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