The vehicle stands on four equal-sized wheels with low-pressure tires. The rear wheels are steered in a similar way to a forklift truck. The bulldozer blade was designed in the early models in a characteristic V-shape, gradually replaced by a flat design. Later, it was decided to install additional equipment on the rear of the vehicle, such as pulling devices, rippers to loosen the ground, or large trenching machines. Depending on the version, the machine was operated by one or two people. Power for both the machine and ancillary equipment comes from a V-12 D12A-375 diesel engine, originally designed for tanks in World War II. The 38.8-litre engine produces 375 hp. In the course of the production history, there were attempts to enhance the performance with a 525 hp version, which was not proven for unknown reasons and was not pursued. All variants were equipped with four-wheel drive and designed specifically for longevity. Over time, there was a tendency to make the machines bigger and heavier. Thus, in 1965, the wheelbase of the KZKT-538DP version ( Russian КЗКТ-538ДП ) was extended by more than a meter, in later models the curb weight was increased by almost 10 tonnes. Also the possible hourly performance was increased. Depending on their design, the previous machines were designed to move between 60 and 100 m³ of soil per hour. The last generation was designed for up to 160 m³ per hour.


Technical data MAZ-538:

Engine: V-12 diesel engine
Engine type: D12A-375
Displacement: 38.88 L
Power: 276 kW (375 hp)
Drive formula : (4×4)
Fuel consumption: approx. 100 L / 100 km
Fuel supply: 2× 240 L
Top speed: 45 km / h
Voltage of electrical system: 24 V
Dimensions and weights
Length: 5870 mm
Height: 3120 mm
Width: 3100 mm
Wheelbase: 3000 mm (later extended to 4200 mm)
Ground clearance: 480 mm
Track width: 2520 mm
Curb weight: 16.5 tons
Permitted total weight: up to 19.5 tons

MAZ-538 MAZ-538 MAZ-538 MAZ-538

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