Liebherr PR 776

Liebherr PR 776

Mining dozers in all size classes must provide maximum versatility. The PR 776 delivers an exceptionally smooth ride, precise blade control and a perfect view on the blade corners. It therefore is able to deliver optimum productivity during heavy-duty pushing operations, when preparing loading platforms for mining excavators and when building and maintaining haul roads. The blade on the PR 776 is mounted very close to the main frame. This achieves maximum force and assures optimum filling of the blade. Powerful and innovative technologies are the essential hallmarks of Liebherr mining dozers. Either while pushing or ripping, the PR 776 is an extremely powerful machine for any application. The mining industry imposes very high demands on the productivity and reliability of the machines and vehicles it uses. The PR 776 meets these demands perfectly. Its components were specifically developed for arduous working environments. The same is true of its carefully crafted technology, innovation, and detailed solutions, all of which combine to deliver ultimate levels of operational availability.

Technical data Liebherr PR 776:

Operating weight 71,800 – 73,189 kg
Engine output (ISO 9249) 565 kW / 768 hp
Engine output (SAE J1349) 565 kW / 757 hp
Blade capacity 18.50 – 22.00 m³
Travel speed 10.50 km/h

Liebherr PR 776 Liebherr PR 776 Liebherr PR 776

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