Komatsu 875

Komatsu 875 has a unique interaction between engine, control system and transmission, combined with high power and 214 kN of traction, makes the 875 exceptionally maneuverable in forest conditions. Komatsu 875 exhibits maximum torque at low engine speeds and automatically adapts to the load depending on the terrain, obstacles, slopes, as well as the load on the manipulator.

Cargo space has been improved with options such as the FlexGate grille, which increases visibility and also dampens in the event of a loader impact. The FlexBunk system allows you to hydraulically adjust the height of the racks and change the width of the bunk, thereby providing a greater load capacity. And a third system, LoadFlex, which optimizes cargo space and increases the ability to separate the assortment.

The operator’s cab is truly spacious, with plenty of legroom and plenty of storage space. The feeling of volume inside the cabin is amazing. Thanks to the large windows with a fantastic view in all directions up / down and to the sides, working with the manipulator has become even easier. The low noise level in the cab, as well as the comfortable operator’s seat, provide excellent comfort and working conditions.


Width – 2980/3170 mm
Length (overall) – 10360 mm
Length, front axle to articulation – 1900 mm
Length, articulation to rear axle – 3475 mm
Transport height – 3940 mm
Ground clearance (6WD / 8WD) – 562/632 mm
Weight – 19900 kg
Engine displacement – 7.4 l
Engine power – 185 kW
Torque – 1100 Nm
Fuel tank – 210 l
The volume of the loading compartment – 16000 kg
Loading area – 4.7-6.4 m2
Travel speed – 0-8/20 km/h
Pulling force – 214 kN

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