Kobelco SK 850LC-10E

Kobelco SK 850LC-10E

To urban centres, and to mines around the world. Kobelco’s all-out innovation brings you durable earth-friendly construction machinery that’s equal to any task, at sites all over the planet. Increased power and even greater fuel economy bring higher eciency to any project. Kobelco SK850LC machines are also more durable than ever, able to withstand the rigors of the toughest job sites. It all adds up to new levels of value that are a step ahead of the times. Also, this machine conforms to Stage V Exhaust Emission Standards, thanks to its signicantly reduced NOx* emissions. While focusing on the global environment of the future, Kobelco oers next-generation productivity to meet the need for lower life cycle costs and exceed the expectations of customers the world over. Hydraulic drive optimizes the cooling fan rotation speed to improve fuel economy and reduce noise. Also, the independent oil cooler fan better matches cooling to the hydraulic oil temperature, for optimal oil temperature control. The new electronic-control common-rail engine features high-pressure fuel injection and multiple injection with improved precision. It is tted with an EGR cooler, and DP lter which deliver high output from optimized combustion and greatly reduce PM and NOx emissions.

Specifications SK850LC-10E:

Engine Model: HINO E13CYM-KSDB
Displacement: 13 L
Rated power output: 380 kW / 1,800 min-1 (ISO 14396)
Hydraulic system Type: Two variable displacement pumps + extra gear pump
Max. discharge flow: 2 × 504 L/min, 1 × 30 L/min (extra)
Relief Valve Setting: 33.0 MPa (Boom, arm and bucket)
Bucket digging force (Short): 432 (2.9m)
Bucket digging force (Standard): 403 (3.6m, 4.4m)
Bucket digging force (Long): 403 (5.4m)
Arm crowding force (Short): 351 (2.9m)
Arm crowding force (Standard): 311 (3.6m) / 272 (4.4m)
Arm crowding force (Long): 234 (5.4m)
Travel Force Travel motors: 2 x axial-piston, two-step motors
Travel shoes: 51 each side
Travel speed: 4.2 / 2.7 km/h
Swing speed: 7.3 min-1
Drawbar pulling force: 653 kN (SAE)
Gradeability: 70 % {35°}

Kobelco SK 850LC-10E Kobelco SK 850LC-10E Kobelco SK 850LC-10E

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