John Deere 959M

Our latest 900M- and 900MH-Series machines, plus the new 953ML and 959ML Shovel Loggers, are the result of what you told us your operation can’t do without, such as long and wide undercarriages for greater stability. Standard and long-reach boom options with choice of multiple attachments to match your unique applications. New shovel logger and directional feller configurations. Dual-swing drives, for more productivity-boosting power. Expansive visibility. Large fuel tanks to keep running — and producing — longer. And more powerful John Deere PowerTech™ Plus 9.0L diesel engines that deliver low total fluid consumption and high reliability. Built on over 180 years of groundbreaking innovation, backed by more than a half-century of experience in the woods, and designed with proven components to withstand rugged environments. Our tracked feller bunchers, tracked harvesters, and shovel loggers were made to tackle the most demanding tasks — yours.

John Deere 959M

Specs & Compare John Deere 959M:

Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Model PowerTech Plus 6090PSS
Rated Speed, rpm 1900
Engine Output, kW (hp) 246 (330)
Engine Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) 1392 (1027)
Carrier Rollers – Each Side 2
Track Rollers – Each Side 9
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches) 610 (24)
Base Carrier Length, m (ft/in) 4.9 (16 ft 1 in)
Height Over Cab, mm (ft/in) 4030 (13 ft 3 in)
Overall Width, mm (ft/in) 3330 (10 ft 11 in)
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in) 3810 (12 ft 6 in)
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in) 3180 (10 ft 5 in)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 747 (29)
Superstructure Width, mm (ft/in) 3200 (10 ft 6 in)
Track Gauge, mm (ft/in) 2720 (8 ft 11 in)
Cab Leveling tilt (Forward), Degrees 26
Cab Leveling tilt (Rear), Degrees 14
Cab Leveling tilt (Side), ± Degrees 7
Travel Speed, kph (mph) 3.6 (2.2)
Tractive Force, kN (lbf) 373 (83880)
Lift Capacity – Maximum Reach, kg (lbs) 7970 (17570)
Reference Harvesting Head FR24B
Felling Diameter, mm (inches) 622 (24.5)
Reference Head Saw Type Disc
Reference Head Type Felling
Cutting Radius – Maximum, mm (ft/in) 8880 (29 ft 1 in)
Cutting Radius – Minimum, mm (ft/in) 4870 (15 ft 11 in)
Cutting Swath Horizontal, mm (ft/in) 4010 (13 ft 2 in)
System Voltage, V 24
Pump Type Variable Displacement Axial Piston
Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 532 (141)
Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 37760 (83260)

John Deere 959M John Deere 959M John Deere 959M

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