John Deere 6135HF485

The 4-valve cylinder head provides excellent airflow resulting in greater low-speed torque and better transient response. Cross flow design. The EUI fuel system provides variable common-rail pressure, multiple injections, and higher injection pressures, up to 2000 bar (29,000 psi). It also controls fuel injection timing and provides precise control for start, duration, and end of injection EGR cools and mixes measured amounts of cooled exhaust gas with incoming fresh air to lower peak combustion temperatures, thereby reducing NOx Varies exhaust pressure based on load and speed to insure proper EGR flow; greater low-speed torque, quicker transient response, higher peak torque, and best-in-class fuel economy.

John Deere 6135HF485

This is the most efficient method of cooling intake air to help reduce engine emissions while maintaining low-speed torque, transient response time, and peak torque. It enables an engine to meet emissions regulations with better fuel economy and the lowest installed costs Mounting points are the same as Tier 2/Stage II engine models Multiple rated speeds to further reduce noise and improve fuel economy Electronic engine controls monitor critical engine functions, providing warning and/or shutdown to prevent costly engine repairs and eliminate the need for add-on governing components all lowering total installed costs. Snapshot diagnostic data that can be retrieved using commonly available diagnostic service tools Controls utilize new common wiring interface connector for vehicles or available OEM instrumentation packages; new solid conduit and “T” connectors to reduce wiring stress and provide greater durability and improved appearance Factory-installed, engine mounted ECU or remote-mounted ECU comes with wiring harness and associated components. Industry-standard SAE J1939 interface communicates with other vehicle systems, eliminating redundant sensors and reducing vehicle installed cost.

Specifications John Deere 6135HF485:

Number of cylinders 6
Displacement– L (cu in) 13.5 (824)
Bore and Stroke– mm (in) 132 x 165 (5.20 x 6.50)
Compression Ratio 16.0:1
Engine Type In-line, 4-Cycle
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Length – mm (in) 1334 (52.5)
Width– mm (in) 855 (33.7)
Height– mm (in) 1512 (59.5)
Weight, dry – kg (lb) 1493 (3291)
Intermittent – Rated power/Rated speed 410-448 kW (550-601 hp) @2100 rpm
Intermittent – Peak power 415-448 kW (557-601 hp) @1800-2100 rpm
Intermittent – Power bulge 0 %
Intermittent – Peak torque 2430-2550 N·m (1792-1881 ft-lb) @1275-1400 rpm
Intermittent – Torque rise 25-30%
Heavy Duty – Rated power/Rated speed 373-392 kW (500-526 hp) @1900-2100 rpm
Heavy Duty – Peak power 409-415 kW (548-557 hp) @1700-1800 rpm
Heavy Duty – Power bulge 5-10 % @1700-1900 rpm
Heavy Duty – Peak torque 2430 N·m (1792 ft-lb) @1400 rpm
Heavy Duty – Torque rise 30-36%
Continuous – Rated power/Rated speed 261-336 kW (350-451 hp) @1900-2100 rpm
Continuous – Peak power 297-373 kW (398-500 hp) @1700-1900 rpm
Continuous – Power bulge 11-14 % @1700-1900 rpm
Continuous – Peak torque 1834-2063 N·m (1353-1522 ft-lb) @1400 rpm
Continuous – Torque rise 35-40%

John Deere 6135HF485 John Deere 6135HF485 John Deere 6135HF485 John Deere 6135HF485

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