Furukawa HCR1800

The HCR1800-D20II is equipped with longer guide shell to accommodate a longer starter rod. As a result, you’ll have less rod changing time, faster drilling and a lower overall cost per hole. Longer guide shell accommodates a 20′ starter rod. Field proven rod changer holds four 20′ extension rods. Travelling centralizer keeps rod from warping. Equipped with the newly developed HD828 drifter, offering a blow range of 2700-3300 bpm. High-efficiency 477 cfm air compressor, capable of cleaning up to a 5″ hole diameter. Ergonomically designed wide cabin offers comfortable work environment.

Furukawa HCR1800

Specifications Furukawa HCR1800

Operating Weight: 18,960 kg
Overall Length: 9,870 mm
Overall Width: 3,410 mm
Overall Height: 3,890 mm
Emission Certified: Stage ⅢA
Free Air Delivery: 13.5 ㎥/min
Boom Type: Extension
Bit Diameter: 102 – 140 mm
Rod Size: ST58, T60, GT60
Thread Type: ST58, GT60
Rod Length: 4,265 mm

Furukawa HCR1800 Furukawa HCR1800 Furukawa HCR1800 Furukawa HCR1800

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