Claas Jaguar 990

Claas Jaguar 990

With its industry leading design, throughput of up to 380 tons per hour, proven reliability, and unmatched crop flow and chop quality, the new JAGUAR 900 Series forage harvesters are equipped to take on any field to make top quality silage and improve your operation’s bottom line. To get here, CLAAS has continuously developed the JAGUAR for you. Today, you can rely on a drive concept that saves up to 10% fuel and works at least 5% more efficiently than the competition. Intelligent crop processing systems that help you produce a basic feed that can produce more milk per day. That’s what makes the JAGUAR the world market leader. Impressive highlights of the JAGUAR fitted as standard include the new drive axle for up to 25 mph (40 km/h), a 2-speed manual transmission and an automatic parking brake. A differential lock and the tire pressure adjustment system are available as options. The large MAN V12 engines are fitted in the JAGUAR 990. These engines are distinguished by their extremely smooth running characteristics and exceptional efficiency. The Mercedes-Benz six-cylinder in-line engines require an exhaust gas aftertreatment system downstream from the engine in order to comply with this standard.

Claas Jaguar 990

Specifications Claas Jaguar 990:

Engine MAN D2862 V12 925 hp. The JAGUAR 990 and 960 models are available with TERRA TRAC drive systems that provide up to 25 mph (40 km/h) road speeds, reduced soil compaction, added stability and traction on slopes and in all soil conditions, and a headland protection function that helps protect the ground from shearing while turning.

The JAGUAR 900 Series is equipped with engines from MAN and MercedesBenz that comply with all Tier 4 final emission standards via Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The engines offer impressive performance at 462 hp up to 925 hp. The shielding design on the JAGUAR 900 Series increases airflow for the engine. CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE (optional). CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE combines DYNAMIC POWER and CRUISE PILOT for efficiency, low fuel consumption, and optimal engine load. Ground speed and engine RPM are controlled by CRUISE PILOT to maximize JAGUAR engine performance – DYNAMIC POWER maximizes efficiency and throughput while maintaining engine RPM from CRUISE PILOT – DYNAMIC POWER regulates engine HP, stepping up to maintain a set RPM or adjusting machine speed from CRUISE PILOT as needed. The 24.2 liter D2862 V12 engine from MAN is standard on the JAGUAR 990 and 980  models and meets EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements. The 790 hp 16.15 liter D4276 engine from MAN is standard on the JAGUAR 970 and meets EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements.

The cab of the JAGUAR has many features to increase operator comfort. Excellent ergonomics makes everything easily accessible for operators, including visibility and extra forward spout angles. The radio tuning and volume controls, as well as those for the cell phones (via Bluetooth), are integrated into the leather-covered armrest. A pivoting seat gives the operator increased leg room and a better turning angle than before. An active refrigerator located under the training seat keeps things cold all day. The Dynamic Steering allows the operator to turn the wheels all the way for quicker turns without multiple revolutions of the steering wheel.

Claas Jaguar 990 Claas Jaguar 990 Claas Jaguar 990

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