Caterpillar 789D

The Cat 789D Mining Truck has a history of proven performance in a wide variety of applications. It delivers the lowest cost per ton in its size class, for an overall reduction in your operating costs, along with the reliability and reduced costs that come with long life — from the engine and powertrain to the components, brakes and frame. It also delivers fast speed on grade and a high production capability thanks to a payload advantage over competitive machines. The versatile 789D offers engine options to meet regulatory standards or application-specific needs such as extreme temperatures, high altitude or areas that require sound reductions. And it features safety enhancements like diagonal stairways, wide walkways and optional powered access to protect your most important asset: your people.

Three cab options — standard, deluxe and cold weather — allow you to select the best features for your application. All options offer an ergonomic layout, excellent all-around visibility, and controls, levers, switches and gauges that are positioned for ease of use. The cab has numerous features that enhance comfort and reduce fatigue, such as an air suspension seat, reduced vibration, automatic climate control and sound suppression.

Caterpillar 789D

Time spent on regular maintenance procedures is reduce with easy access to daily service points and major components; ground-level access to tanks, filters, drains and engine shutdown; a maintenance platform that provides access to the engine engine, steering hydraulic tank and battery compartment; and an optional fast-fill service center, which enables high-speed fuel and oil exchange.

Engine Caterpillar 789D

Gross Power – SAE J1995 1566 kW
Engine Model Cat® 3516C HD
Rated Net Power – ISO 9249 1468 kW
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 215 mm
Displacement 78.1 l
Net Power 1468 kW
Gross Power 1566 kW
Emissions Rating Fuel Optimized or EPA Tier 2 equivalent
Rated Speed 1750 r/min

Weights Caterpillar 789D

Nominal Rated Payload 194 t
Rated Gross Machine Weight 324319 kg
Chassis Weight (37R57 Tires) 102821 kg
Chassis Weight (40R57 Tires) 106010 kg

Body Caterpillar 789D

Body Weight 27365 kg

Caterpillar 789D

Operating Specifications

Standard MSD Body (SAE 2:1) 130 m³
Standard X Body (SAE 2:1) 123 m³
Standard Dual Slope Body (SAE 2:1) 108 m³
Standard Combi Body (SAE 2:1) 153 m³
Standard Gateless Coal Body (SAE 2:1) 191 m³
Standard HP Body (SAE 2:1) 144 m³


Forward – 1 12.6 km/h
Forward – 2 17.1 km/h
Forward – 3 23.1 km/h
Forward – 4 31.2 km/h
Forward – 5 42.3 km/h
Forward – 6 57.2 km/h
Reverse 11.8 km/h
Top Speed – Loaded 57.2 km/h


Brake Surface – Front 81693 cm²
Brake Surface – Rear 134590 cm²
Standards SAE J1473 OCT90 ISO 3450:2011


Standard Tires 37.00-R57
Optional Tires 40.00-R57

Caterpillar 789D

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