Cat 24H

The Caterpillar 24H motor grader is designed for standard use in the mining industry. Due to its high power, this model is also used for moving heavy loads.

The largest motor grader in the line, the Cat® 24 has the power to work efficiently on wide haul roads. Operators will enjoy the comfort of the latest cab, and owners will benefit from low operating costs. With a capacity of 535 liters. from. and a 24-foot blade, this motor grader will provide high performance mining machines, safe operation and operator comfort.

All Caterpillar motor graders are equipped with a state-of-the-art load-sensing hydraulic system that delivers the hydraulic power you need when you need it. Thanks to this system, even distribution of the load on the engine and precise control are guaranteed even when the machine performs several functions at the same time. The spacious cab has good sound insulation and optimal visibility for the operator.


Net power – according to EEC 80/1269 – 399 kW
Stroke – 152.4 mm
For standard ambient temperature – 50 °C
Pollutant emissions – Tier 4 Final/Stage IV
Engine Model – Cat C27
Number of cylinders – 12
Cylinder diameter – 137.2 mm
Displaced volume – 27.03 l
Weight – 73.3 t
Blade width – 7.3 m
Blade height – 1025 mm
Maximum cutting depth – 550 mm
Maximum lifting height above the ground – 410 mm


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