Truck tractor manufactured in 1958 – 1964 with a permissible load on the coupling device of 25 tons. It served as part of road trains with a gross weight of up to 90 tons. It towed low-frame 65-ton semi-trailers for the delivery of tracked vehicles, oversized cargo, heavy weapons and missile systems. Its design has been carried out since 1956 and was carried out in parallel with the development of the “small” ballast tractors MAZ-535… more

MAN TGX 18.510

Brand-new truck models on test frequently catch the eye. Other drivers in oncoming or overtaking trucks can’t resist taking a peek, and on rest breaks at service stations the vehicle is quickly surrounded by curious onlookers. That’s not the case with the new MAN. It’s certainly not that there’s no interest in the new TGX among other truckers, it’s just that very few actually realise what they’re seeing. The new model just looks too much… more

Freightliner Econic SD

Leveraging Daimler’s global engineering prowess and generations of hands-on experience, the Freightliner EconicSD™ delivers an accessible, low-entry, safe and adaptive cabover-engine, or COE, vehicle to the North American market. Combining versatility, ergonomics and convenience, this garbage truck provides an innovative solution for the North American waste collection industry, packed with practical features to help you get the job done, day in and day out. Engineering this truck for the rigors of North American waste collection,… more

Freightliner 122SD

The Freightliner Trucks 122SD is designed for big jobs and tough conditions. So whether you’re hauling logs down a forest road or bringing stone out of a quarry, this truck can handle the job. With up to 600 horsepower and 2050 lb-ft of torque, it has both the power and the pull. In fact, GCWR is rated up to 210,000 lb. And there’s even an optional 1700 square-inch radiator. So load it up, put it… more

Freightliner M2 112

The Freightliner M2 112 is ideal for regional and in-town routes. It handles tight turns and loading docks with ease. The M2 112 also offers excellent visibility, which makes driving safer, especially in local traffic. This versatile vehicle is lighter than other trucks, yet still delivers up to 470 horsepower. So you get the power and fuel efficiency to run a profitable business. It comes equipped with the Detroit™ DD13 or a Cummins L9 engine,… more

Freightliner eCascadia

The Freightliner® eCascadia® delivers the outstanding performance and capability our customers expect in an emissions-free package they have been asking for. It’s the result of our commitment to develop world-class, all-electric commercial vehicles that will reduce emissions and improve our customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO). As part of Daimler Trucks North America, Freightliner utilizes the global engineering expertise of Daimler to bring this practical, game-changing technology to market. Following a highly collaborative process with… more

Freightliner Cascadia Natural Gas

The Cascadia natural gas delivers near-zero emissions and with its advanced aerodynamic design is both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Advanced active and passive safety systems help drivers mitigate or avoid collisions. Stepping into your Cascadia, you can be assured that it has been designed, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards, maximizing productivity and profitability and lowering your Real Cost of Ownership. LifeGuard RollTek® driver and passenger rollover restraint and seat mounted air… more

Scania G440

The all-wheel drive dump truck is optimally suited for transporting various kinds of goods on city roads and in a quarry. Universal model, which is used in various industries. All-wheel drive and four drive axles with locking center differentials allow you to drive on a 30-degree slope and make sharp turns. The dump truck is equipped with a 600-liter tank, and if necessary, the tractor is equipped with another 500-liter tank. The premium G and… more