In the early 60s, the experimental transporter ET-8 was considered the personification of high development and a role model for the USSR. This eight-wheeled giant had foreign roots, written off from the 1956 model of the American company Four Wheel Drive. Officially, the prototype ET-8 was developed by NAMI. It was built at the institute’s pilot plant and was equipped with a 180-horsepower ZIL-375 engine. On each of the two leading bogies with built-in brakes,… more

MAZ 7904

In the Soviet Union, Belarus was responsible for the development of heavy multi-axle military equipment. The unusual projects of Minsk designers include the gigantic 140-ton 12-wheel chassis MAZ-7904. Created as part of the work on the Tselina project. The carrier for a promising missile system was built in Minsk in a single copy. The Tselina project was a response to the emergence of new American intercontinental ballistic missiles and the result of another round of… more


Access to the car was through a door in the aft armor plate of the hull, in the roof of the cabin 5 hatches. In front of the front hatch there is a nest for a 5.56 or 7.62 mm machine gun, along the sides of the hull blocks of smoke grenade launchers. According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Bushmaster armored personnel carriers have been sent to Ukraine. The standard Bushmaster configuration provides crew… more

Volvo C304

The C304 does have 5 door closed body or a chassis cab with a special body, alternative type designations are Tgb 13 and C03 6×6-1-V. The chassis cab version of the C304 is in use with different bodies, these include ambulance and communication vehicles. Due to the fact, the Engine is mounted behind the front axle, the rear seats in the C303 (4×4) and C304 (6×6) are mounted further backwards than in a normal SUV…. more


3-axle all-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 on arched tires, 1960-1962 release. The appearance of the car was taken from the ZIL-131 truck that was then in service with the Soviet army, with only one difference, the wheels were large arched tires with low pressure and automatic pumping. They provided the truck with unprecedented cross-country ability through swampy terrain and complete impassability. It was planned, after successful tests, to put the equipment into service with the army, but… more