Сross country vehicle

Tracked and wheeled amphibious vehicles for Army units.


Tracked snowmobile transporter for cargo transportation on unpaved roads and terrain, including snowy off-road, overwatered and swampy terrain. Development of the all-terrain vehicle was started in 1970 on the basis of the NAMI-0157M heavy-duty snowmobile. In 1976, a pilot batch…

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The KrAZ-260 is a three-axle large-tonnage cross-country truck designed for transportation of cargoes, personnel and towing trailers on off-road roads and highways of all categories. The development of the KrAZ-260 off-road truck began in the KB of the Kremenchug automobile…

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In the early 60s, the experimental transporter ET-8 was considered the personification of high development and a role model for the USSR. This eight-wheeled giant had foreign roots, written off from the 1956 model of the American company Four Wheel…

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Access to the car was through a door in the aft armor plate of the hull, in the roof of the cabin 5 hatches. In front of the front hatch there is a nest for a 5.56 or 7.62 mm…

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Volvo C304

The C304 does have 5 door closed body or a chassis cab with a special body, alternative type designations are Tgb 13 and C03 6×6-1-V. The chassis cab version of the C304 is in use with different bodies, these include…

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3-axle all-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 on arched tires, 1960-1962 release. The appearance of the car was taken from the ZIL-131 truck that was then in service with the Soviet army, with only one difference, the wheels were large arched tires with…

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