A forwarder is a forestry vehicle that carries big felled logs from the stump to a roadside landing. Unlike a skidder, a forwarder carries logs clear of the ground, which can reduce soil impacts but tends to limit the size of the logs it can move. Forwarders are typically employed together with harvesters in cut-to-length logging operations.

HSM 208F 20 t

Narrow design with wide tyres – this basic principle of all HSM forestry machinery has proven to be particularly effective in the development of our crane forwarders. This is reflected in the high load capabilities and the very high level…

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John Deere 910G

Optional Intelligent Boom Control eases boom operations, making them more precise and productive. Joysticks are configurable to user preference, so operators can run IBC using their preferred control patter. Available with a 40-cm-shorter wheelbase, for better agility in thinnings, without…

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John Deere 1910G

Rotating, self-leveling cab turns 290 deg. for an all-around view of boom movements and the jobsite, for safe, efficient log loading. Exclusive TimberLink automatic monitoring system keeps an eye on operating costs while tracking machine performance and efficiency. Work-cycle information,…

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Timberjack 1410D

The Timberjack 1410D forwarder was manufactured in Sweden. Engine DEERE 6068 HTJ77, 136 hp. Manipulator 8.5 meters. Specifications: Operating weight 14.2 t Crane type F71 FT100 Standard tires 600/700-34 Pulling force 175 kN Load capacity 14 t gear type HSM…

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Cat 574

The Caterpillar 574 forwarder is equipped with a rear-mounted crane and a rack and pinion swivel system. The machine has a high-capacity boom with a reach of 6.9 meters. The model has a grapple with European type butt and bypass…

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Komatsu 875

Komatsu 875 has a unique interaction between engine, control system and transmission, combined with high power and 214 kN of traction, makes the 875 exceptionally maneuverable in forest conditions. Komatsu 875 exhibits maximum torque at low engine speeds and automatically…

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