CAT MD6380

Caterpillar’s latest top-of-the-line drill rig is designed for large hole drilling and provides the optimum combination of onboard air, feed force, rotor torque and machine mobility. Powerful, reliable machine capable of working on any site with stable performance and high reliability.

CAT MD6380

Specifications for CAT MD6380:

WOB: 53845 kg

Borehole diameter: 251–381 mm

Engine: Cat® 3512C at 1800 rpm

Rated power (J1995): 960 kW


Cat 374 EEL double grouser 750 mm hard rock

Cat 374 EEL – Traction Force 980686 N m

Cat 374 EEL Double Grouser Soft Rock 900 mm

Hole depth per pass: 19.8 m

Hole depth for several passes: 39.5 m

Height with mast up 26.7 m

Height with mast down: 6.6 m

Own transport length of the mast: 25.24 m

Working length with mast raised: 14.7 m

Operating weight range: 142300 kg

CAT MD6380 CAT MD6380 CAT MD6380

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